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Intelligent factory

RS Tech has made solutions for intelligent factory. It integrates products and data in different process to realize product life-cycle management from raw materials to user terminal.

RS Tech. focuses on the manufacturing industry’s intelligent factory overall solution planning,design, implementation and service. We provide a fully integrated logistics solution to meet the needs of intelligent production, including warehousing, material sorting, feeding, and material information management. On the basis of intelligent production and intelligent logistics, we provide manufacturing enterprises with MES systems covering the functions of production model establishment, order management, production management, production scheduling, equipment management, quality management, abnormal traceability management, and data analysis.

Intelligent operation and decision..
● 102 robots ● 200 high-speed CNC machines. ● 20 high-precision CCDs/lasers ● 20 CCD quick positioning machines; ● 2 stereoscopic warehouses(3200 storage locations) ● 8 AGVs ● Software:MES/ERP/APS/CAPP/PLM/WMS; ● 20 production lines.

  • Intelligent robot picking

  • Stereoscopic warehouse animation

  • Intelligent access system